Intel Agencies: Clinton Emails Match Some of America’s Most Highly Classified Docs

BREITBART — From Reuters comes another twist in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, as intelligence agencies point out that some of her emails contained text that very closely matched America’s most highly-classified documents:

The agencies did not find any top secret documents that passed through Clinton’s server in their full version, the sources from Congress and the government’s executive branch said.

However, the agency reports found some emails included passages that closely tracked or mirrored communications marked “top secret,” according to the sources, who all requested anonymity. In some cases, additional classification markings meant access was supposed to be limited to small groups of specially cleared officials.

Under the law and government rules, U.S. officials and contractors may not transmit any classified information – not only documents – outside secure, government-controlled channels. Such information should not be sent even through the government’s .gov email network.

According to Reuters’ sources this is based on two reports submitted to Congress by the intelligence community’s Inspector General – one from the CIA, and the other from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Neither agency was willing to comment on the record.

This is not entirely new – we’ve known for a while about Clinton’s helpful little cut-and-paste house elves, who violated the “air gap” between secure systems and Clinton’s illicit mail server by copying information from classified documents and pasting it into her emails, with the security headings conveniently removed.

These new reports from the intelligence community represent what Reuters describes as “the first formal declarations by U.S. spy agencies detailing how they believe Clinton violated government rules when highly classified information in at least 22 email messages passed through her unsecured home server.”

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