James Comey May Have Done America a Favor by NOT Indicting Hillary

You heard me right.

James Comey may have done America a BIG favor by NOT indicting Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) for her blatant criminal contempt for our national security in her mishandling of highly classified information.

A major twist in the legal pursuit of the Korrupt Klinton Klan was overshadowed by the rancor generated by FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House oversight committee investigating the non-indictment of HRC. What Comey didn’t say could be more important than what he did say before the committee.

BREITBART reports the following:

    FBI director James Comey would not comment Thursday when asked directly by Congress, under oath, whether his department is still investigating Hillary Clinton in connection with possible corruption related to the Clinton Foundation.

    Comey had announced Tuesday that he would not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, despite the fact that her behavior was “extremely careless.”

    However, Comey did not say anything about investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which now still appears to be ongoing.

    That investigation involves suspicions that the former Secretary of State abused her role to solicit donations for her family’s private charity — including donations from some foreign governments.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, asked: “Did you look at the Clinton Foundation?”

    Comey responded: “I’m not going to comment on the existence or non-existence of any other investigations.”

    He also said he would not answer whether the Clinton Foundation was “tied into” the investigation of Clinton’s email server.

Comey created the appearance for himself, and the FBI, of having conducted a completely neutral, totally impartial, non-partisan investigation into Clinton’s breach of national security protocols. So much so that the Dems on the committee were tripping over each other to apologize to, and to heap praise on Comey for the “fairness” he exhibited in his investigation of HRC.

Given that the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation appears to still be ongoing, America may still have one last chance to destroy the Korrupt Klinton Klan, and I mean ALL of them, Bill, Hillary and that mule-faced spawn of theirs, Chelsea, once and for all.

Should the allegations of HRC selling official favors for cash be proven, the Clinton name would be forced from the American political scene for generations to come. No longer would the name of Benedict Arnold be the “go to” synonym for treason; it would become CLINTON!

The Dems would be forced to join the GOP to, once again, impeach a Clinton or face levels of civil unrest unseen since the time of the American Revolution.

After yesterday’s display of affection and appreciation for Comey’s “fair and unbiased investigation” of Queen Hillary, by the committee Democrats, how could they possibly spin Comey as another GOP political hack out to get the Clintons? They couldn’t.

I think the other shoe has yet to hit the floor.

When it does, the toe of that shoe will hit Hillary right where the sun never shines.


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2 thoughts on “James Comey May Have Done America a Favor by NOT Indicting Hillary

  1. I have great respect for you, sir, but…Hilliary will never be charged with any crime. She will undoubtedly be president. 30 million illegal Demoncraps in this country will undoubtedly be able to vote in our elections (whether that is legal or not, Demoncraps don’t care) and it’s the end of America. In the next eight years, they’ll (Demoncraps and Republicunts) will bring in enough muslims, africans, mexicans and God knows what else to give them a permanent majority. Secession and civil war are the only options to save what little can still be saved.

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