Jeff Sessions: ‘This Election Is the People’s Chance to Put a Stake’ in the ‘Heart’ of the Gang of Eight Bill

BREITBART — Speaking to Breitbart News Sunday about his endorsement of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) explained the importance of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in his decision to endorse.

When asked by SiriusXM host and Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon about the importance of the Gang of Eight bill to the 2016 race, Sen. Sessions responded, “This election is the people’s chance to put a stake in its heart.”

“This is an opportunity for the people to take control of their government, and that’s sort of the way I feel about this Trump thing,” Sessions said. “I just think that at some point in history the people need to have their voice heard, and it just might be heard this year.”

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