Judge Orders Release of ALL Clinton Emails by End of Month

A federal judge has rejected the State Department’s request to delay all of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails until the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries, issuing an order Thursday that instead makes the administration have to release the documents in four batches between now and the end of the month.

Judge Rudolph Conteras said 550 pages must be released to the public by this Saturday, and then the department must release more documents on Feb. 19, Feb. 26 and, finally, on Feb. 29, when all of the remaining emails must be made public.

“The court expects that defendant will endeavor to avoid any additional delay,” Judge Contreras said in a no-nonsense order that denied the State Department’s hopes of pushing the entire production of 3,700 emails, spanning more than 5,000 pages, until Feb. 29.

Late Wednesday the State Department said it had unexpectedly found “additional resources” to speed up processing of the emails.

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