Make America GREAT AGAIN by Deporting Violent Protesters Sporting Mexican Flags!

California is correctly known as the most liberal-infested entity in America. Liberals, most if not all of whom suffer from debilitating brain damage, are prone to add the word ‘Tolerant’ to the resume of this extreme-left fortress of communism and repository of anti-American hatred.

However, California’s tolerance is anything but universal.

It is, in fact, based on partisan, ideological sentiments and is very discriminating… especially, when it comes to extravagant, non-PC free speech of the sort which was expected at a Donald Trump rally and appearance at a GOP state convention at southern and northern California venues on Thursday and Friday.

Indeed, California’s self-perpetuated, ill-founded reputation for being ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ was brutally mocked by violent protests staged by hundreds of thugs, many sporting Mexican flags, as out-of-control liberals sought to silence The Donald and prevent his free speech presidential plea from being disseminated.

Which reiterates the fact that liberals are diverse and inclusive only AS LONG AS ONE SUBSCRIBES TO THE ANTI-CAPITALISM, ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-CAUCASIAN PAP OF PROGRESSIVE THOUGHT!

Such thinking makes patriotic notions such as AMERICA FIRST, MAKE AMERICA GREAT, and AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM the works of evil doers and hate mongers, at least in the minds of mindless thugs.

Donald Trump’s disfavor among California liberals and violent protesters is exacerbated by his lily white complexion and obsession with speaking the truth, which is made all the worse by the fact that he is a self-sufficient man of considerable accomplishment whom has never feasted at an Obama-sponsored public trough of food stamps, welfare, or other government programs designed to transfer wealth from those who work, to those too lazy, and or stupid, to do so.

Adding to his disgrace is the fact that Donald Trump paid for his own cell phone and does not look to Obama for help with mortgage or car payments!

Trump’s disfavor among illegal aliens was made evident by the prominent display of Mexican flags among the violent protestors, and was a reflection of the fact that The Donald’s positions on the wall between Mexico and the US, and his ideas on deportations, do not auger especially well with illegal aliens and their ill-advised advocates.

Still, one has to question the origin of all that affection for the Mexican flag. After all, Mexico is a 3rd-world, failed socialist state which would never tolerate the sort of violence and rebellion on display in America.

Further, Mexico is a poverty-ridden hell hole that cannot, or will not, feed its own people!

So, just what is there about Mexico to love?

Perhaps a partial solution to the violence at conservative events is to pluck out those violent protesters carrying Mexican flags and fast track them to trains, busses, aircraft, moats, mules and other means of transport that will deliver the thugs on a one-way journey back to their beloved cesspool known as Mexico!

Perhaps then The Trump movement can function with the protections guaranteed by the First Amendment to the American Constitution!

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