Mexico Corruption Has Increased and So Has Public Irritation

MEXICO VOICES It’s not that they didn’t steal before, they just did it on a completely different scale. Or perhaps they didn’t show it off like they do now. The fact is, the frustration and exasperation caused by corruption have become the main topic of after-dinner conversations, newspaper websites or conversations on social networks. Surveys show it has become the most discussed issue when talking about citizen problems, at times even more discussed than insecurity or economic deterioration. And I agree with analysts that think it will be the principal topic of the 2018 elections, a true reflection of voter concerns.

So we should insist on the question. Why has there been an increase in irritation against the rapacity of the political class and crooked businessmen? Is it because the phenomenon has increased in recent years or is it that they receive more visibility and exposure?

I would respond with a categorical yes to both questions. On the one hand, the magnitude of what is being stolen has indeed increased, especially among state governments, thanks to the autonomy acquired from the central government. The indebtedness of the state treasuries reached record levels in recent years: two or three times the average of numbers reached two or three decades ago. And something similar could be said about many municipal governments.



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