MS-13 Gang Recruiting ‘Border Surge’ Kids, Fueling Violence in D.C. Area

FOX NEWS LATINO — Authorities in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area are concerned that the surge of unaccompanied migrants coming across the United States’ southern border could be helping the notorious MS-13 street gang recruit new members and is fueling a spat of violence around the nation’s capital.

There are no hard numbers on how many of these unaccompanied minors have joined up with MS-13. But three alleged MS-13 members who were charged in September of last year in connection to the murder of a 17-year-old were identified as entering the country illegally in 2013 – when the border surge was at its peak – and skipping out on their immigration hearings.

“History dictates the way gangs recruit,” Ed Ryan, the gang prevention coordinator in Virginia’s Fairfax County told Fox News Latino. “They always prey on kids who are new to an area or are looking for someone who they can relate to.”

MS-13 was founded more than two decades ago in Southern California by immigrants fleeing El Salvador’s civil war. Its founders took lessons learned from the brutal conflict to the streets of Los Angeles, as they built a reputation as one of the most ruthless and sophisticated street gangs in the country.

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