New Leftist Canadian Gov to Restore Citizenship of Muslim Terrorists

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE — With Trudeau, Canada has its own Obama and the results are exactly what you would expect.


The federal Liberals are getting started on repealing some of the previous government’s sweeping — and controversial — changes to how people get or lose Canadian citizenship.

But the Liberal plan promises to be controversial in its own right, since it would, if passed, restore the Canadian citizenship of Zakaria Amara — sentenced in 2010 for his role as a member of the so-called Toronto 18.

Immigration Minister John McCallum introduced a new bill Thursday that, if passed, would remove terrorism or other crimes against the national interest as grounds for revoking citizenship from dual nationals.

That’s certainly good news for ISIS members.

Citizenship can still be removed from those who’ve obtained it via fraudulent means or misrepresentation.

So lying on an immigration application is now more serious than Islamic terrorism.

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