New York Times Once Again Pushes Gun Registration, Tyranny

BEARING ARMS — Once again, the pompous totalitarians of the New York Times are dishonestly pushing for gun registration and confiscation.

The Brady Bill’s background-check requirement applies only to sales by licensed firearms dealers. Virtually all resales of guns by private individuals are left unregulated. Calling this a “gun show loophole” considerably understates matters. The entire secondary gun market is a vast regulatory void.

The consequences of this gap are dire. Criminals want to avoid background checks and guns that can be traced to them. Surveys of offenders consistently show that a vast majority did not obtain their firearms from licensed dealers, thereby avoiding background checks.

As you might expect in an op-ed written by a left-wing law professor and one of Bill Clinton’s former attorneys, the assertions about the legal private gun market is incredibly deceptive. Criminals do not, in fact, buy their guns at gun shows or via personal ads.

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