New York’s Immigration Disgrace

WASHINGTON TIMES — Late last month, a little-known state agency in New York took an implausible step toward licensing illegal immigrants to do everything from teach to practice medicine.

The New York State Board of Regents said that it will begin allowing illegal immigrants to apply for licenses to do more than 50 jobs regulated by the state. These include nurses, doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

The board is taking public comments on its decision now. It intends to finalize the new rules in May.

Using state licenses to reward people in the country illegally is an affront to the rule of law in America.

It is contrary to the principles of many of the professions involved. Doctors, for example, are expected to be model members of their communities and to obey the law.

In New York, being convicted of a crime can be grounds to have a medical license revoked. How can the state justify giving a medical license to someone who is already known to have broken the law?

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