Obama SCOTUS Appointee Could Result in Federal Takeover of Police Departments

BREITBART — A Washington, D.C. attorney who has practiced both civil rights and constitutional law warns it is possible that Senate confirmation of a left-leaning Obama appointee to the high court could allow the federal government to take over not only police departments, but also all of school discipline in public schools.

Writing at Liberty Unyielding, Hans Bader observes that a high court that leans further left could allow the next administration to use “disparate impact” regulations to essentially take control of the nation’s police forces and school discipline policies based on claims of racism.

Disparate impact theory holds that current practices in law enforcement, school discipline, housing, and other areas – without intention – could result in a statistically disproportionate effect on a protected group of people, and, therefore, could be considered discriminatory and illegal.

Bader cites the example of the Justice Department referencing statistical evidence of racism in Ferguson, Missouri:

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