Obama Urges Media to Vet Trump, Point Out That Presidency Not Reality TV!

The ascent of Barack Obama to the US presidency in 2008 was based mostly on a wide range of emotional gut issues, but did not include any real objective analysis of competence, previous performance, knowledge of foreign policy and government functions, relationships with officials holding various, often conflicting political positions, or other traditional measures used to vet prospective US presidents.

Rather, Obama was given a Carte Blanche pass, driven by his African-American heritage and the intense prevalence of ‘white guilt’ among liberal Democrats, including the mainstream media and other powerful elements within the Democrat power structure.

In the case of Obama, the fact that he was black and clearly a proponent of far-left ideology was good enough for those charged with protecting we the people from unqualified tyrants seeking the keys to the oval office.

All of which makes Obama’s pathetic whining about Donald Trump all the more ironic and despicable.

As reported at the reference, Barack Obama had the audacity to say the following about Donald Trump:

‘President Obama pleaded with the news media and the American people to take a closer look at Donald Trump’s record and positions now that the billionaire real estate mogul and reality television star is the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

‘This is not entertainment. This is not a reality show. This is a contest for the presidency of the United States. What that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny,’ Obama told reporters in an unscheduled question-and-answer session at the White House on Friday.’

This bizarre statement in spite of the fact that Obama’s ‘signature’ achievement—ObamaCare—is in a vicious death spiral that will potentially leave tens of millions of Americans in the lurch when it comes to health care;

This in spite of the fact that Barack Obama refuses to accept the fact that world-wide terrorism is largely a product of extremism executed by Islamic radicals; said denial leading to the creation and growth of the ISIS threat;

This in spite of the fact that Barack Obama has aggressively refused to address the issue of unsustainable national debt which has grown to over $19 million since his inauguration on January 20, 2009, and (Obama) has instead demanded that the debt ceiling be raised each year without proposing remedial steps to curtail government spending;

This in spite of the fact that the US economy is in a quagmire of stunted growth, wrought by over regulation and anti-business policy promoted by the Obama administration which has all but ended the American Dream for millions of middle-class Americans;

This in spite of the fact that race relations in America are more strained and bitter now than when Obama was elected in 2008.

Given Obama’s record over the past eight years, his demand that Donald Trump ‘be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny,’ is particularly ironic and outrageous!

Clearly, Barack Obama has treated the US presidency with less respect and regard than a president would be expected to apply to a reality TV show.

Perhaps Donald Trump is exactly what the nation needs to reverse the disastrous course that Obama’s indifference and incompetence has brought to our once great nation.


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John W. Lillpop
Fremont, California

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