Obama’s Hypocrisy in Dallas

FROPNTPAGE MAGAZINE — In the wake of the mass killing of Dallas police officers, Barack Obama spoke at the memorial service.

His speech began with the appropriate language and tone that made it appear that finally, he was trying to bring America together. But then, apparently unable to help himself, he veered off the path of reason and fell back to his old pattern of painting with a broad brush, virtually declaring that there are only two types of racists – those who admit they are racists and those who, although they are racists, deny that they are.

The ABC Dallas affiliated station, WFAA posted the full transcript of President Obama’s speech at the Dallas memorial service on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.

Obama’s inflammatory statements, coupled with the statements made by Democratic members of the House of Representatives during hearings that were conducted to consider the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, turned those hearings into opportunities to focus on police shootings.

Those hearings were called because of the apparent crimes committed by Ms Clinton in mishandling e-mails that contained classified information up to and including at the Top Secret level and higher. Clinton also made use of unauthorized computer servers in her house that were in total violation of laws and regulations concerning national security. Yet Democratic members of Congress insisted that Clinton’s actions were of no significance but then sought to question both FBI Direct Comey and at a subsequent hearing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, about police shootings and issues concerning gun control.

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