Obama’s ISIS ‘Strategy’ Revealed (Exposed)!

Barack Obama, bless his tortured soul, took all of 51 seconds from cavorting with Raul Castro to address the latest incident involving ‘Religion of Peace’ warriors and the wanton destruction of human life, this time in Brussels, Belgium.

In his typical “cool as a cucumber” manner, The One extended condolences to families and friends of the dead and dying in Brussels, while preaching of the need for all to unify, regardless of nationality, religion, race, blah, blah, blah!

Having wasted 51 precious seconds on the overrated subject of global terrorism, he quickly retreated to important matters of the world…celebrating the blessing of communism by doing the Wave with unwashed masses of Cubans, including dictator Raul Castro, baseball, and denouncing the bigotry and callous behavior of Donald Trump and other GOP politicians.

Obama later patted himself on the back for giving short shrift to the 34 dead and over 200 hundred gravely injured by explaining that his strategy for dealing with the terrorists was to convince the bad guys that they were weak, unworthy of undue attention.

Which is why he quickly scrambled back to the ball yard and resumed the Wave with new found buddy and comrade, Raul.

All in all, it was a cleverly-crafted liberal ploy to convince Jihadists that they were unimportant JV players, out of their league in a sophisticated adult utopia where The One was in charge, and, as such, too busy to dabble in petty schemes involving minor distractions and hyped-up misbehavior at airports and a subway!

Later, The One defended his strategy of downplaying the importance of the terrorist attack by pointing out that America is NOT a Christian nation, and that, not that many centuries ago, Christian crusaders were guilty of equally despicable behavior against innocent Islamists.

‘Get off your high horses,’ Obama admonished those mourning the loss of life and injuries in Belgium.

Obama concluded his Holier-Than-Thou sermon by doubling down on his commitment to shut down GITMO which he believes to be the most effective counter-terrorism tool in his arsenal.

The Obama strategy is thus: 1) Convince the terrorists that they are weak and ineffective, and 2) Prove Jihad impotence by shutting down GITMO and releasing terrorists back to the war zones of the mid-east and North Africa!

Is it any wonder why ISIS is growing so dangerous?

John W. Lillpop
Fremont, California

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