Obama’s Misuse of Special Operations Forces Has Led to Larger ISIS Threat

Barack Obama is misusing our most elite forces.

Since the onset of the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) The Heritage Foundation has called for a greater use of American Special Operations Forces (SOF). This includes the Navy SEALs, and Army Rangers.

Special Operations Forces are designed to conduct high end, politically charged warfare, and to execute better than anyone in the world (which is what we need against ISIS).

It seems that Obama has finally stated to heed this call. So what’s the problem now?

The administration has ramped up the use of Special Operations Forces, but they have neglected to adjust another critical aspect of the approach Heritage’s analysts have recommended.

This is the utilization of a much more robust air campaign to go with the elite forces on the ground. Special Operations Forces are able to be force multipliers—low numbers in the fight, but big results—because they can provide targets to aircraft, advise on the correct mix of munitions, guide the ordinance to the specific targets, and provide accurate bomb damage assessment.

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