Oklahoma Voters Immigration Patriots—but Congressional Delegation a Study in Terminal GOP

Memo From Middle America

VDARE — On Super Tuesday, March 1, Ted Cruz won the GOP primary in my home state of Oklahoma with 34.4%. Donald Trump was a close second with 28.3%. Disturbingly, the appalling Marco Rubio was only two points behind Trump with 26%. [ OK Primary Results—NYT] All three had visited Oklahoma shortly before. Both Cruz and Trump campaigned as immigration patriots, and I’d venture to say that Rubio has bamboozled some patriots, so it was a blowout. My question: why is Oklahoma’s congressional delegation so bad on immigration?

Oklahoma is a “red state”—perhaps the reddest state of all. In both the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, the GOP won every single one of its 77 counties and its congressional delegation is 100% Republican. The congressional delegation have safe seats. Nevertheless, they are useless.

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