On Tax Day, IRS Commissioner Insults Unemployed American Workers

CAPS — If there’s one thing a journalist on the immigration beat should never say it’s: “I’ve seen it all.” The very next day, as surely as the sun will set in the west, something more outrageous, more incomprehensible and more destructive to the national fabric will top it.

Today’s example: During a Senate Finance Committee hearing that probed the use of fraudulent Social Security numbers to file tax returns, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen sanctioned identity theft as long as it helps alien perpetrators get jobs.

Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) asked Koskinen why the IRS ignores warnings from the Social Security Administration that names don’t match Social Security numbers. Koskinen’s reply was jaw-dropping.

According to Koskinen, aliens rely on identity theft – stolen Social Security numbers – to get jobs, but file their taxes under their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. When a tax return is submitted with an ITIN, it’s a sure sign that the filer is an illegal alien since citizens and legal immigrants have Social Security numbers.

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