Paul Ryan: Yet Another Deaf & Dumb RINO Headed to Unemployment Line?

The list of Republican politicians whom have surrendered their souls to the abyss of RINOism, and whom have been punished for doing so by patriotic voters, continues to expand and grow as Trumpmania sweeps across the American political landscape, undeterred by “Nevertrump” traitors and the mainstream media.

Eric Cantor was at one time regarded as a fair-haired boy in GOP circles until his support for illegal aliens ended his run in the US House in 2014. John Boehner was deposed as Speaker of the US House in 2015 because of his weak opposition to the tyranny of Barack Obama and general RINOism tendencies.

Jeb Bush met his political Waterloo in 2016 largely because of his fantasy thinking which sought to excuse illegal alien crime because of some far-fetched “Love” factor. Jeb’s demise was particularly telling because of the $100 million war chest he brought to the fray and his deep support among GOP establishment types.

Yet another purging of deaf and dumb RINOs may consume the current speaker of the US House, Paul Ryan, who succeeded John Boehner into the jaws of the lion just months ago.

As reported, Ryan’s woes are considerable, and growing:

    The trouble for Paul Ryan isn’t even coming from the other side, but rather from within his own party. With a month to go before the Senate primary voting in Wisconsin, Ryan is being challenged by tea party Republican candidate Paul Nehlen in rather sensationalistic fashion. Nehlen is strongly aligned with Donald Trump and has also been endorsed by Sarah Palin, and in the ultra-conservative district where Ryan is from, those are apparently seen as good qualities. Suddenly, according to this one poll, Nehlen has pulled out ahead of Ryan.

The poll in question is the AMP Poll, and if you’ve never heard of it then you know as much about it as we do. However, the AMP Poll shows that Paul Nehlen has 48% of the republican vote, while Paul Ryan has just 41%.”

The big question: Can the Republican Party reverse the despicable presence of RINOISM and return the party to conservative control?

The fate of Speaker Paul Ryan should provide excellent insights into this crucial question.

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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