Pentagon Confirms New North Korean ICBM

KN-14 missile increases nuclear threat to United States

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON — North Korea has developed a new long-range mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the Pentagon says moves the country’s leader Kim Jong Un closer to the goal of building missiles capable of striking the U.S. mainland with nuclear warheads.

The new missile is called the KN-14 by the Pentagon and is a longer-range variant of the KN-08 road-mobile ICBM first made public in 2012.

Both the KN-08 and the new KN-14 have not been flight tested. But defense officials familiar with reports on the weapons said both systems have been tested in all other aspects of their development.

“It’s a KN-08 on steroids,” said one official of the new KN-14.

No details about the KN-14’s capabilities, such as its range, warhead carrying capacity, or the number of missiles were disclosed by the officials, who said reports of the missile were circulated by U.S. intelligence agencies within the past two weeks.

The new KN-14 missile was first displayed during an Oct. 10, 2015 military parade in Pyongyang. Its main external difference from the KN-08 is a shorter length and blunt nose cone.

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