‘Preppers’ Say Obama ‘Has Divided Us on a Course for Civil War’

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — President Obama has pushed the “prepper movement” into high gear, sending millions to buy guns, survival gear and food to live through a “civil war,” according to a nationally known survivalist who calls on Americans to prepare in a new book.

Bryce M. Towsley, whose “Prepper Guns” details the best weapons and ammo to survive a political or natural disaster, wrote, “I have watched in horror as Obama has attacked America with the brilliance that has allowed him to succeed.”

The National Rifle Association field editor and a well-known survivalist said he is calling on Americans to be ready for a situation in which authorities can’t be trusted.

“Americans are pitted against Americans as Obama has divided us on a course for civil war,” he wrote in the 270-page hardback that echoes many of the complaints heard by supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Police are now the enemy and, in many places, can’t or won’t continue to do their jobs. The military has been decimated and he has fired most of the top military leadership. The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for and many of its recent rulings are bizarre, to say the least.

“The justices no longer follow the Constitution, and each time they ignore it, the document becomes less relevant. The Republicans in Washington are corrupt and weak, or they are secretly on his side. It’s difficult to tell which and it probably doesn’t matter,” he wrote in the book provided to Secrets in advance of its May 17 release.

His is a grim, but to those preparing for disaster, also a sober warning of economic collapse driven by a massive $18 trillion debt, world disunity and, to some, Hillary Clinton’s potential election as president.

“The law-abiding taxpayer is being punished, while the lawless and the non-citizens are rewarded. Yet the American people do nothing. Our ancestors went to war over much less,” he wrote.

Preppers aren’t standing by. For example, a convention of preppers was held this month just 60 miles from the White House in Berryville, Va. Nationally, preppers meet online via sites such as preppergroups.com. And NatGeoTV is bringing back “Doomsday Preppers.”

His solution to the problems preppers see isn’t going on offense, but being ready with a wall of defense mainly with guns. His choices: an AR-15, a semi-automatic pistol and a shotgun.

“The time is now to prepare for what’s coming,” he wrote.

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