Decapitated Head Left at Children’s Hospital

BORDERLAND BEAT — A young businessman in the used car business was kidnapped, and decapitated on Monday. The decapitated head of Héctor Alfredo Vázquez Navarro, (at left) was left at the entrance of the Children’s Hospital of Ciudad Victoria, in the state of Tamaulipas. The head was left at the hospital in broad daylight in heavy traffic.

The head was wrapped in bandages and tape, and inside an OXXO foam cooler. The body of the victim has not been found.

The video below depicts a white Ford Ranger pickup, stopped with lights flashing a man in dark clothing carried the cooler and deposited it at the hospital entrance, ran back to the truck umping in its bed, the truck sped away. In the first video the man is seen carrying the cooler, the second he returns and climbs into the truck

The narco cartulina message with the head is signed by (old school) Zetas and warns against supporting “EL Chino”, and “El Boss”.

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