The Mike Pence I Know

Our good friend and frequent contributor, Kay Bentley, recently requested a copy of an article I wrote nearly 3 years ago about the rise of Indiana Governor, then Congress-critter, Mike Pence. It was my response to an article that appeared in the “DAILY CALLER at that time.

With the news that Pence is under consideration for the VP slot in a Trump presidency I thought this post might be helpful for our readers who don’t know Pence as well as some of us Hoosiers do. Enjoy. ~ OOV


I was shocked to read the DAILY CALLER (LINK) refer to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as a “silver-haired savior” and as a “presidential powerhouse candidate”. In my opinion, Pence is anything BUT a “savior” for American conservatives.

Let me tell you about the Mike Pence I know, and why I don”t trust him when it comes to ILLEGAL immigration and being a man of his word.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I traveled in pretty heady political circles, enjoying contacts with leaders and candidates of both the GOP and Democrat parties. During my military, law enforcement and IT professional life I was occasionally no more than 2 or 3 phone calls away from being able to directly access the political leadership of America, including the White House.

I’m not going to drop names here but I have had governors, congressmen and candidates for president in my office seeking support for their political ambitions.

On one occasion, at a GOP “mover & shaker” soiree, I had a one-on-one with, then Congressman, Mike Pence. Pence had just announced his “No Amnesty” amnesty as a counter to the Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill. His bill was anything but a counter proposal and in reality gave ILLEGALS many of same benefits that the Kennedy-McCain bill offered them.

I asked Pence why he was proposing a bill that gave amnesty to ILLEGALS. He said he opposed amnesty and that his bill had been misinterpreted by the media and the political opposition. Pence told me that his definition of “amnesty” meant automatic citizenship. But, this was the same definition that Bush supported and Kennedy-McCain relied on in their schemes. So what was different about the Pence plan?

The Pence plan had a “touchback” provision that required ILLEGALS to return “home” and re-enter the US legally; IF they had a job waiting for them! In the case of families, only the head of the household had to return and re-enter. When the ILLEGAL returns, he returns as a legal temporary “guestworker”.

As a guest worker, he will be able to keep renewing his temporary status and remain in America for up to 17 years. At that point, he can go through the process of getting a green card. Any children he has while here will be American citizens, which will make it more difficult to deport him should he overstay his welcome; a process we”re seeing play out right now.

The pitfalls of the Pence-plan was clearly exposed in a piece by VDARE author Bryanna Bevens (LINK) in her 2006 missive, “The New Senate Bill Is Amnesty For Millions”. The Pence Plan Is Amnesty For Millions More“. I won”t repeat her incisive analysis, so please take the time to read it for yourself.

Pence personally assured me that he would never support amnesty nor any legislation that rewarded ILLEGALS. He lied.

In May of this year (2013) Mike Pence signed into Indiana law a bill that provides in-state tuition for ILLEGAL aliens. We can expect more of the same hispandering and semantic game playing from him that we”ve seen from other RINOS like Graham, McCain and Rubio.

Like I said, Mike Pence is ANYTHING but a savior for American Conservatives and is a man who can”t be trusted to keep his word.



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  1. I’m afraid, on the topic of immigration, legal and illegal, its too late. Its no longer our countrymen. We’ve been invaded. Learn Spanish and get a Muslim prayer rug. You”re gonna need both in the new USA.

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