The Supreme Court Vacancy: A Criminal Who Doesn’t ‘Leave Fingerprints’ Is Still a Criminal

As I predicted, Barack Obama is preparing to bludgeon the Senate into fundamentally reshaping the Supreme Court, and he is reportedly preparing to do this by nominating a “closet liberal” with “no fingerprints” with respect to any major issue.

Leftist media of all stripes are pressing for “they deserve a vote” hearings. The nominee would parade before the Judiciary Committee with their photogenic family, and would lie under oath concerning their open-mindedness on every significant judicial question. And, incidentally, you can be sure that, before being chosen, the nominee will have given assurances to the Justice Department and Barack Obama that they would be a dutiful and reliable stooge in implementing Obama’s agenda.

We saw this before with Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Remember how they professed to be “open-minded” on issues like ObamaCare and the Second Amendment.

Not only did Kagan and Sotomayor turn into mindless puppets for Obama’s agenda. In the McDonald case, which didn’t deal with the question of whether the Second Amendment was an individual right, Sotomayor, Ginsburg, and Breyer were so “chomping at the bit” in their hatred of firearms that they gratuitously opined, in their dissent, that the Heller case should be reversed.

In other words, the one “job qualification” that every Obama Supreme Court nominee has passed is the requirement that they be pathological liars.

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