There Is Another Pro-Amnesty Bush Rising Through the GOP Establishment Ranks

FOX NEWS LATINO — He is telegenic, ambitious, eloquent – in both English and Spanish – and thinks fast on his feet. He has one of the most important political posts in Texas and is a rising star in the GOP.

No, the Bush family political dynasty is not over yet, even with Jeb Bush dropping out of the presidential race. The reason is George P. Bush, Jeb’s son and the current land commissioner of Texas.

The feeling within the Bush clan that George P., who is currently the Texas land commissioner, could well become President Bush III – and that may have contributed to the former Florida governor’s decision to step down Saturday night, when he saw his disappointing voter support in the South Carolina primary, according to the New York Daily News.

Bush got just roughly 7 percent of the vote – a sobering figure for someone who had a huge war chest, a rich super PAC and, at least initially, the support of many party leaders to back him up.

“This was starting to look like a repudiation of the Bush family,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed source, described only as an “insider,” as saying.

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One thought on “There Is Another Pro-Amnesty Bush Rising Through the GOP Establishment Ranks

  1. NO Marco Rubio. Be sure and read link in article on Rubio’s history.

    Marco Rubio, The Aspen Institute, and The CFR
    Cap and Trade – As Florida speaker, Marco Rubio aggressively pushed for Florida to adapt to the inevitable federal “cap and trade program.” Cap and trade is an environmental system that hardcore liberals including former Vice President Al Gore support. A federal cap and trade program would be centered around a carbon tax…….
    by Kelleigh Nelson

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