Top Secret Clearance for Sale, Call and Ask for Hillary

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Although it’s been buried under a great number of newsworthy stories, Hillary Clinton has a new scandal on her hands that reinforces every Clinton stereotype you’ve heard.

In 2011, when she was serving as secretary of state, Clinton and her top staff chose a major donor with no qualifications for an important national security panel. Not only that, but they also hurried through a top-secret clearance for him.

According to emails released under a Freedom of Information request by the group Citizens United, State Department staff were pressured to fast-track the high security clearance for Rajiv Fernando, a 29-year-old securities trader who had given $5 million for the Clinton Foundation and has raised money for Clinton’s current campaign.

After ABC News began investigating Fernando’s appointment, emails show that State Department press staffers panicked amongst themselves, knowing that Fernando’s name had been moved ahead of qualified security experts at the explicit request of Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

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