Trump Adviser: Rubio Would Be ‘Obama’S Third Term’ on Immigration

THE HILL — An adviser for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday blasted rival Marco Rubio’s immigration stances, saying the Florida senator would carry on President Obama’s policies.

“Marco Rubio is the front man for the open borders syndicate,” Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said in a radio interview with Breitbart News.

“And understand this, Marco Rubio is determined to finish what he started with the Gang of Eight bill and to be President Obama’s third term on immigration.”

Miller recently joined the Trump campaign after serving as the communications director for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). Sessions appeared at a rally with Trump in Alabama last year but has not endorsed the business mogul.

With four days left until New Hampshire’s primary, Rubio is gaining ground on front-runner Trump, according to polls. One poll released Friday showed Rubio within 10 points of Trump.

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