Trump’s Tough Talk on Border Could Be Helping U.S.-Mexico Relations, Experts Say

FNL — Mexico City – Donald Trump hasn’t even clinched the presidential nomination yet, but he’s already shaping U.S. and even Mexican foreign policy.

Fueled by the Republican front-runner’s comments about migration and the southern neighbor, the governments of the United States and especially Mexico have, in recent months, stepped up their efforts to improve their relationship.

President Obama has more than once dismissed the candidate’s calls for a border wall, sometimes mockingly and other times visibly concerned.

During a visit to Mexico for economic talks earlier this year, Vice President Joe Biden described Trump’s rhetoric “dangerous, damaging and incredibly ill-advised.”

“I almost feel obliged to apologize for some of what my political colleagues said,” Biden said alongside Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. “It’s a heated campaign season and I just want you to know, Mr. President, that the most heated rhetoric you’ve heard from competitors for the nomination for president is not who we are as the American people.”

Meanwhile, high-profile visits of Mexican officials to Washington D.C. have been more frequent in recent months, in what appears to be a charm offensive.

Foreign secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu recently replaced Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. with the highly skilled and experienced Carlos Sada, formerly consul in Los Angeles, and named a young career diplomat, Paulo Carreño King, as the new sub-secretary for North American affairs.

“Trump has brought the U.S. and the Mexican government together,” Genaro Lozano, a Reforma newspaper contributor, told Fox News Latino. In his view, the heated presidential race may have pushed Mexico into re-thinking the way it deals with its northern neighbor.

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