Urgent Need for High-Technology Instruments to Automatically Block Images of HRC!

Whereas browsing used to a reliable source of entertainment and comedic relief for the great unwashed classes, recently the Internet has been transformed into an untreated cesspool now that both conservative and heathen sites have become enamored with hideous photos and ghastly images of Hillary Rodham Clinton, all because she happens to be the first practicing criminal with a vagina to be nominated for the US presidency!

The reckless proliferation of unsolicited images and likenesses of “Corrupt Hillary,” have made obvious the need for immediate action to counter the unfounded, unAmerican imposition of corruption and fraud on we the people in a crucial election year.

Specifically, the best minds in the nation must work together to quickly develop instruments that will automatically block all images, large and small, of “Corrupt Hillary” to spare innocent browsers the undeserved shock and disillusionment of Hillary fatigue, which is defined as unwelcome exposure to images of the aging, corrupt old commie on two or more occasions in any given calendar month !

If nothing else, America must do this for the children!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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