Was Director Comey Ordered to Let Hillary Skate? if So, Where Is Firestorm?

For months, knowledgeable experts have insisted that FBI Director James Comey is a man of utmost integrity and honor who could be counted on to deliver true justice in the Hillary Clinton debacle.

Some experts even predicted that, were he ordered by President Obama and/or Attorney General Lynch to let Clinton off the hook, despite facts which clearly called for indictment, Comey would create a political firestorm by resigning his position in protest.

Now that Comey has officially announced that the FBI will not recommend an indictment of the beleaguered Democrat, some cynics are openly questioning whether or not the FBI Director was, in fact, ordered to free Clinton in the midst of a turbulent and bizarre presidential campaign?

The ill-advised meeting between former President Bill Clinton and AG Lynch aboard a plane in Phoenix last week added to fears that the “system” was rigged in favor of Hillary, who remains the presumptive favorite to be the Democrat Presidential nominee for the November elections.

In announcing his conclusion, Director Comey made it abundantly clear that many of Clinton’s defensive talking points were, in fact, pure rubbish. Clearly, Mrs. Clinton acted “recklessly,” at a minimum, strongly questioning whether Mrs. Clinton is equipped with the judgment and discernment needed to be Commander-in-Chief.

One wonders whatever happened to the “firestorm” that Comey was expected to deliver?
Has the Director given in to political pressure in order to save his position….or are the facts in the case so overwhelmingly in favor of not indicting the controversial lady who wants so desperately wants to be president?

Perhaps Comey will reveal all when he pens the inevitable tell-all book which will no doubt make him filthy rich?

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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