What About Constitutional Rights of the Overwhelming Majority?

The latest ‘rights craze’ created by progressives in cahoots with unhinged members of the mainstream media and greedy lawyers has the at- one- time greatest nation in human history snarled in the throes of a moral and constitutional crisis over…. Bathroom rights!

Bathroom rights?

Whom would have imagined that the Founding Fathers would give a tinkers dam about whom should use what bathroom? It seemed all so obvious…females use women’s’ bathrooms, guys do their business in men’ rooms!

So simple and plain. Common sense really.

Except that when it comes to the booming Rights industry, common sense has nothing to do with it.

What matters is that some whiny malcontent conjures up a nonsensical situation that leaves the malcontent convinced that he or she is a victim of discrimination.

Bingo, the magic word, discrimination!

Once uttered, large numbers of unemployable lawyers immediately start drafting legal briefs to sue the pants off someone or something.

The latest scam makes victims of transgender folk, those born with the plumbing of one gender, but in the process of altering nature’s handiwork to suit their preferences and desires.

Born male? To hell with this equipment, says the transgender, I feel female. The fact that public restrooms do not have separate rooms for transgender folk is another example of failed capitalism!

Regrettable, but hardly the fault of the innocent transgender victim!

This indelicate subject was brought to a head (pun intended) when North Carolina passed a law which sought to immunize the state from law suits alleging that the law discriminated against transgender folks.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch went so far as to compare the North Carolina law to Jim Crow laws against people of color from decades ago.

Now the Obama administration has upped the ante by declaring that those who restrict transgender bathroom access are guilty of serious crimes!

All because decent, moral people separate men and women based on birth sex.

The big question: Does anyone in the goofy Obama regime give a dam about the rights of the overwhelming majority?

John W. Lillpop
Fremont, California

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