Why Are the Clintons Always Under Investigation?

THE NATIONAL INTEREST — Why is it that the Bill and Hillary Clinton are seemingly under permanent scrutiny from government investigators? Is it because they are a noble couple being hounded by their enemies? Or is it because they an elastic sense of morality, coupled with the sense of entitlement that the baby boom generation has honed to a new peak of perfection?

The Clintons would doubtless prefer the former explanation, but the release of a withering new report by the State Department’s Inspector General on Hillary Clinton’s use of an email server during her tenure of Secretary of State decidedly suggests that she views herself as exempt from the pesky rules concerning the conduct of government officials. “Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records,” the report says, “she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office of the Secretary.”

She didn’t. Rank, she seems to have believed, has its privileges. She haughtily refused to accede to a formal interview with the inspector general. Her actions suggest someone who, to borrow a line from P.G. Wodehouse, is so crooked that she probably slices her bread with a corkscrew. The result will be an emboldened Donald Trump—and Bernie Sanders.

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