Why Are There No Clinton Indictment Stories on OOV Today?

Every freedom loving American who believes in the “Rule of Law” now knows that there is one set of rules for the ruling class elite and a different set for common Americans.

So why don’t we publish stories about this latest travesty of justice? We simply don’t have the room on one blog to capture America’s outrage at what has just happened!

Americans KNOW what has happened and more importantly WHY it has happened, even if our so called justice system has turned a blind eye to the obvious lawlessness of Hillary Rodham Clinton & Co.

Enjoy your fantasies about Trump prosecuting her in the event he takes the presidency; it ain’t gonna happen people; the prosecution that is. It just ain’t.

It’s bad enough that communist/socialist/leftist extremists may very well dominate the coming election, just as they currently infect our higher-learning institutions, but for America to be led by a corrupt, self-entitled, Clinton dynasty is unacceptable to every single American Patriot.

If you thought America was at a crossroads with Obama, YOU haven’t seen anything yet with a return of the Korrupt Klinton Klan (KKK) to the White House.

If the KKK does succeed in winning the White House we will have the “#NEVERTRUMPER” establishment RINO’s to thank. We can begin with RINO’s Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for starters.

In the five plus years I served in the U.S. Air Force, I spent four years in the U.S. Air Force Security Service (USAFSS). and no, we were not policemen.

    The United States Air Force Security Service was essentially the United States Air Force’s cryptographic intelligence/Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) branch. It was created in October 1948 and operated until 1979, when the branch was re-designated the Electronic Security Command.

    Composed primarily of airmen selected from the cream of the Air Force’s enlisted recruits (the top 1/2 of 1 percent), the USAFSS was a secretive and tight-knit branch of Air Force cold warriors tasked with monitoring, collecting and interpreting military voice and electronic signals of countries of interest (which often were Soviet and their satellite Eastern bloc countries). USAFSS intelligence was often analyzed in the field, and the results transmitted to the National Security Agency for further analysis and distribution to other intelligence recipients.

    Individual airmen—stationed at locations scattered across the globe, ranging from Northeast Cape Air Force Station, Alaska to Pacific Islands to The Far East to Mediterranean Countries to The Middle East to Western Europe to North Africa—did a variety of jobs, almost all of them related to listening to and interpreting Eastern Bloc, Communist Chinese, and North Vietnamese military communications. Some airmen were linguists who listened to voice communications. Others – known as morse intercept operators, – monitored Soviet and other nations’ military Morse code broadcasts. (LINK)

My point being, that if I had ever allowed classified information to EVER pass over an unsecured circuit I would STILL being doing time in Leavenworth prison, 50 years later.

So here we have the queen of the political elite who INTENTIONALLY jeopardized American national security for her own self-serving interests and to keep the corrupt machinations of her family and the Clinton Foundation from the eyes of the America people and NO CHARGES are filed against her? UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

In closing this post allow me to dispel one myth. The American Revolution is historically recorded has having taken place between 1765 and 1783. HISTORY IS WRONG!

The American Revolution is still ongoing.

Every day since 1765 we have had to fight, we have had to shed our blood, sweat and tears to maintain our hard won God-Given Freedoms and Liberties against the forces of evil and tyranny, both foreign and domestic. Those of us who have sworn the oath and pledged our lives to defending those Freedoms and Liberties continue to do so and call upon ALL American Patriots to join us in the battle to maintain the America we love for our posterity and the peace of the entire world.

Clinton, and ALL Democrats who support her, are a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic and should be treated accordingly.

Nothing less than the future of America is at stake here.

No Clinton, especially Hillary Clinton, should EVER be allowed to ascend to the Presidency again. EVER!

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil
is for Good Men to Do Nothing.”



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One thought on “Why Are There No Clinton Indictment Stories on OOV Today?

  1. Bless your heart OOV. You are a true American. A fighter to keep freedom, liberty, and sovereignty. Greatly appreciated

    Sharing everywhere….”Why Are There No Clinton Indictment Stories on OOV Today?”

    Thanks again for all the things you have done and are still doing for America. Also, for Americans. OOV web page is an educational tool for American citizens.

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