Why Did Cruz Endorse Utah’s Sanctuary State, Pro-Amnesty Governor for Re-Election?

CIS — Much to the shock and consternation of Utah conservatives who overwhelmingly gave Sen. Ted Cruz their votes in Utah’s presidential caucus, the senator returned the favor by endorsing Utah’s pro-illegal alien, sanctuary state governor, Gary Herbert, for re-election.

During his time as governor, Herbert has consistently taken the side of illegal aliens and has continued to build up Utah’s sanctuary state status. Utah provides illegal aliens with in-state tuition, a driving privilege card, and unlimited jobs through Herbert’s Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce supporters.

Herbert is a strong proponent of the pro-illegal alien Utah Compact and he not only signed Utah’s illegal alien amnesty bill, HB116, into law with a senior Mormon Church official at his side, but has signed bills extending it twice — most recently on March 18, 2016. HB116 was largely written by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and promises legal status to any illegal alien who has ever lived and worked in Utah, plus granting full amnesty to their employers.

Although the Utah law violates federal immigration law and has not yet been implemented, it was passed in order to send a strong signal to illegal aliens that Utah offers them a welcoming environment and that they risk nothing by relocating to Utah.

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