Why Gun Control Is a Loser for the Democrats

WASHINGTON TIMES — There is nothing so comforting as a closely held prejudice, even when it repeatedly harms you. The white-hot passion of Democratic politicians to restrict and even strip Americans of their constitutionally guaranteed right to buy, own, keep, shoot and carry firearms continues as a monument to self-abuse.

Simply put, the gun control issue is a loser. It doesn’t matter that the paid consultants, the lobbyists from the gun-prohibition industry, or the East Coast media all assure candidates that it’s now safe to come out of hiding and proclaim their open hatred of the very concept of self-defense and protecting your family. The history of Democrats who push to rip away the rights of millions of Americans constitutes a list of “whatever happened to” candidates. From dozens of Democrats who lost their seats in Congress because of their gun-ban vote in 1994 to Al Gore’s anti-rights position, which has been credited with costing him the presidency, the party of “trust the government for your personal safety” keeps having to relearn the lesson. In point of fact, their own party put out a paper some years ago warning candidates to not talk about gun control, calling it a loser issue.

How quickly they forget.

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