Why Is One Old Vet No Longer on Facebook?

Like many conservatives I have seen my posts censored without cause by anonymous Facebook “curators” (I call them fascists). Over the last 24 months I have received two 30-day suspensions of my Facebook account with no reason(s) given other than I violated their “Terms of Service” agreement. All of this is done with anonymity and hence no chance to ask why or appeal their decisions.

I understand that Facebook is a private enterprise and as such I have no Constitutionally protected free speech rights to post on their site.

However, the manner in which they decide to censor and suspend accounts is simply wrong; it’s arbitrary and capricious. At the very least it violates the spirit of their stated purpose of providing a social network for the free exchange of ideas and information.

Sadly, in Zuckerberg’s world one is allowed to freely exchange only those ideas and information he and his fascist minions approve of.

As of 4:30 p.m. (EST) I have deleted my One Old Vet account on Facebook. I will leave the “share” and “like” buttons that you see at the end of every post on our site for YOUR convenience.

I encourage all like minded conservatives to delete their Facebook accounts today!

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