Will Decline in ‘Voter Stupidity’ Derail Hillary’s Presidential Aspirations?

Hillary Clinton’s continued, and inexplicable, popularity, mostly among older feminist women living in the by- gone past, gives credence to the political philosophy of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, which holds that voters are so inherently stupid that any politician really interested in winning has the right, or obligation, to subvert transparency at all costs.

Gruber’s sinister theory worked well for the team of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other leftist tyrants who rammed the falsely named, Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare, down the throats of a disapproving public which continues to loathe the Marxist plan.

Incidentally, ObamaCare, the crown jewel in Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, is now in the very predictable throes of a death spiral!

Rampant stupidity augmented by a deliberate, programmed suppression of transparency seems to explain Hillary Clinton’s continued appeal.

However, recent data suggest that stupidity and denial of transparency may be growing less and less formidable in Clinton’s arsenal of fraud and deception.

Specifically, as reported:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has badly underperformed in 2016 compared with her first run for president in 2008, a new data analysis done exclusively by Breitbart News shows.

It’s particularly telling that she’s gotten fewer votes in 2016 than she did in 2008, especially because of the fact that the 2008 race was a three-way race for some time between Clinton, now President Barack Obama, and ex-Sen. John Edwards. She was, despite being the frontrunner for some time, the ultimate loser of that race—and she got more votes that year in a much more competitive primary that she ended up losing than she has this year against a devout, proud socialist.

Without question, the American public is owed an act of serendipity from above with regard to the evil personage of Hillary Rodham Clinton. A federal indictment, assignment to solitary confinement in a cell at Leavenworth federal prison for 20 or so years, and a permanent end to her crooked political career, would be a great start!

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John W. Lillpop
Fremont, California


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