Wisconsin Legislators Wise Up to Public Safety Threats of Sanctuary Cities

CAPS — Immigration enforcement advocates got good news from Wisconsin recently. The State Assembly passed a bill that would end sanctuary city policies. According to the new bill, local governments that block law enforcement officers from sharing the immigration status of persons charged with a crime could have their state aid reduced anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for each day they refuse to cooperate with the law.

AB 450’s sponsor, John Spiros, said the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco motivated him. Spiros drew comparisons between the San Francisco Country Sheriff’s office and its sanctuary policy and the City of Madison and the Milwaukee County Board that have similar non-cooperation procedures. The bill proceeds to the Senate, assuming it’s willing to consider it.

Separately, the Assembly and the Senate voted to ban local IDs, thereby minimizing illegal immigrants’ fraudulent access to certain public services. Since Wisconsin issues a free statewide identification card that specifically identifies who a person is and where he lives, local IDs are unnecessary.

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