ISIS Inspired Muslim Murders 50 Americans, Obama Refuses to Call It Islamic Terror — Demands More Gun Control, Clinton Agrees

The Muslim born and bred POS that presently occupies the White House has once again shown that his true sympathies lie with the Islamic world and NOT with the American people. Obama and his democratic lapdogs enable terrorist attacks on Americans by refusing to call out the ideology behind these terror attacks for what it is; ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Imam Barrack Obama, in his press conference following the attack in Orlando Florida, shamefully demanded more gun control laws instead of focusing blame on the source of these attacks; ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Hillary Clinton, pandering to the worst elements of American politics, the Democrats, followed lockstep behind Obama to blame guns and the 2nd Amendment with her call for the ban on assault weapons. Not wanting to be shorted his time in the radical left spotlight, Illinois Sen. “Dirty” Dick Durbin likewise demanded more gun control.

Clinton’s call to reinstate husband Bill Clinton’s “assault weapon” ban is particularly ignorant. The mainstay of the American hunter is a shot gun. Are they going to ban it too? Civilian AK-47s and AR-15s, the two most popular military-style firearms, each utilize magazine holding 30 to 40 bullets. Shotguns can typically hold 6 to 8 shells. Now if those 6 to 8 shells happen to be “buckshot” the lethality of a shotgun can quickly outpace that of an “assault weapon”.

12 gauge “buckshot” shells have 9 .30 caliber/ 9 mm. balls in them. If a shotgun holds 6 to 8 rounds then what you have is a weapon that can fire 54 to 72 rounds or nearly twice the capacity of an “assault weapon”. So I ask again; are the gun grabbers going to take away hunter’s shotguns?

The media, in particular the WASHINGTON POST are equally complicit in exploiting the Orlando terror attack to demand more gun control laws.

Never mind that not one single existing or proposed gun law would have have stopped the Orlando Muslim terrorist from LEGALLY obtaining guns. He passed security and background checks and was interviewed 3 times by the FBI.

Others didn’t stop at demanding more gun laws. ACLU lawyers blamed the Orlando massacre on Christians! I must have missed the memo that the terrorist, Omar Siddeq Mateen, was an Episcopalian suicide bomber.

NBC carried a story of a so-called “law enforcement expert” who blamed the terror attack on white people.

There is only one religious ideology that calls for the outright killing of homosexuals; ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Like the HUFFINGTON POST Social media didn’t miss a beat in blaming everyone and everything except ISLAMIC TERRORISM..

FACEBOOK deleted the web page of, and personally banned, Pamela Geller for criticizing Islam!

Social media, REDDIT banned users and deleted their comments declaring that the Orlando terrorist was a Muslim!

The leftist lunacy didn’t stop there. One Democratic senatorial simpleton declared that the Orlando terror attack is a “public health crisis”.

The #NEVERTRUMP lefty’s at the political blog THE HILL exploited the Orlando attack by smearing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump by publishing a claim that the Orlando terrorist’s Muslim mentor, an ex-con, was “pro-Trump”. That doesn’t make sense on so many levels it would take several more posts for me to explore that journalistic dementia.

While the millstone of the worst deniers of the existence and impact of ISLAMIC TERRORISM hangs (if only) around the necks of our “leaders” and the media, let’s not forget the most hypocritical group of all. I’m speaking of the leftists and outright communists of Hollywood.

George Takei, Judd Apatow, Cher, Olivia Wilde, Chris Rock, Julianne Moore, John Legend, Adam Lambert, Wil Wheaton, Billie Jean King, and Josh Groban, like little toadies, echoed Obama and Clinton, blaming everything and everyone but ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

I have beloved friends and relatives who are life-long Democrats. I used to think the difference between Democrats and Republicans were relatively minor since both had the interests of ALL Americans at heart. Sure we had our differences that could lead to arguments at Thanksgiving dinners but in the end we could all agree to disagree and move on. Not so anymore; things and times have changed.

I am coming around to believing that the Democrat Party has been taken over by deeply embedded elements of the international Communist Party. It’s no longer a matter of left vs. right. This corruption of Democratic ideals runs much deeper than minor political differences.

50 years ago, J.Edgar Hoover would have locked up most of the people and organizations listed above, including Obama and Clinton, for sedition and treason. The goal of the Communist Party has been, and always will be, the overthrow of the American government and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

I lived through the era of Herbert Philbrick. I went to war more than once to fight communist hegemony. And now at the end of my life I see all that American Patriots have fought and died for slipping away because of the leftists and communists in the Democrat Party.

Democrats and their party are a clear and present danger to America and the U.S. Constitution and should be treated as such. If we are unable to reclaim our Constitutional Republic I fear a civil war is at hand as American Patriots will not go quietly into the night as others work their treason on our way of life and the “Rule of Law”.


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One thought on “ISIS Inspired Muslim Murders 50 Americans, Obama Refuses to Call It Islamic Terror — Demands More Gun Control, Clinton Agrees

  1. Bravo, Mr. Oneoldvet. You hit the nail on the head. Adding insult to injury most of these
    massacres are largely faked by amateurish actors and ridiculous props. For example,
    extensive private investigation shows the Sandy Hook school had been closed for years
    and was the scene of Disaster Preparedness Drill, which was then broadcast as a real
    massacre to satisfy the anti-gun mania of Obama and Holder, who, by the way, is now making
    $50 million a year working for Goldman Sachs in compensation for his toothless prosecution of
    2008 bank debacle.

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