War Is Upon the Docile West

POLIZETTE — An elderly Catholic priest was brutally murdered by two ISIS terrorists on Tuesday.

Despite the gun control machinations of western liberal leaders, this horrific assault did not require assault weapons, it did not require explosives, it only required a target society too willing to embrace its own demise.

After entering the church near Rouen, France — and taking worshipers and nuns hostage — the knife-wielding attackers cut the priest’s throat. Another hostage was stabbed and is reportedly in critical condition.

The evil of ISIS is increasingly spinning out of control. The group’s reach and the extreme and graphic nature of its attacks — and their frequency — seem only to grow. Tuesday’s attack is the fifth such incident in 30 days, and the second in a week.

“We have reached a point where the broad Western public are [sic] becoming desensitized to terrorist atrocities, they have become so frequent that the usual cycle of mourning and recrimination is no longer complete before the next attack begins,” said Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, the U.K.’s oldest conservative think tank.

In Ansbach, Germany, on Sunday, a Syrian migrant detonated a nail-packed suicide bomb at a wine bar, after being denied entry into a music festival. On July 18, a Muslim attacked people with an ax on a train in Wuerzburg, Germany.

The following day, in Garda-Colombe, France, a mother and her three daughters were attacked by a Muslim for being insufficiently clothed. On July 14, a Muslim migrant in Nice, France, drove into a group of revelers celebrating Bastille Day and killed 84, including 10 children.

Since the beginning of 2015, there have been 21 attacks by Islamic militants in France, killing well over 200 people.

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3 thoughts on “War Is Upon the Docile West

  1. Mr. OOV,

    Very suspicious that these Muslim attacks in Europe occur in clumps like these.
    Could they be staged events or government-promoted events done by
    Muslim fanatics manipulated by official units like our FBI? Most terrorist events
    in the US have been promoted and orchestrated by the FBI using Muslim dupes.

    Ultimate goal in my opinion is to use these attacks to frighten populations
    into accepting martial law like the French have now. Easier for the Dreadful
    Few to control us.

    1. You’re mistaken my friend. The FBI is not using Muslim dupes. Its called jihad and its part of Islam. If you want less jihad, you must have fewer Muslims living in your country. Period.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me the number of kooks who always want to blame our own countries instead of the vile, savage muslims. There’s no difference between “Gary” and the scum who blame it on “racism” or “colonialism”. It’s very simple, really. Islam is an aggressive religion. Period. It was fashioned by a violent man and appealed to violent, aggressive men. Period. Islam promises its adherents that whatever they conquer or whomever they enslave are gifts from their god for their faith and aggression. Period.

        For several hundred years, the forces of islam have been on the strategic defensive because the Christian West’s military technology was so advanced and effective that they simply could not compete. That has ended because they have an ally – cultural-marxism, the religion of the Western elites (including the GOP) – which has debased and emasculated the Christian West from within. Now, they just have to walk in and have lots of babies (courtesy of the West’s generous welfare policies – and misplaced guilt).

        Europe is dead and cannot be saved. Eastern Europe and Russia may save themselves.

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