CBS News Poll: Should U.S. Presidents Be “Natural Born”?

CBS — The U.S. Constitution prohibits anyone except a “natural born citizen” from becoming President, though legal experts disagree as to whether or not that means they need to be born in the United States or simply be an American citizen at birth.

Though they may quibble on the definition, most Americans don’t think this long-standing rule should be changed to allow naturalized citizens to inhabit the Oval Office.

According to a CBS News poll released Sunday, while 21% of Americans would favor changing the Constitution to allow people who aren’t natural born U.S. citizens to become President, 75% would oppose such a change.

Eighty-two percent of conservatives oppose changing the Constitution, while 76 percent of moderates and 64 percent of liberals oppose it.

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One thought on “CBS News Poll: Should U.S. Presidents Be “Natural Born”?

  1. Excellent article by Devvy Kidd

    Texas Republican Party, Cruz, and Rubio Commit Election Fraud
    Any suggestion that Ted Cruz is ineligible – Rubio mysteriously being left out of the equation 95% of the time – is nothing more than conspiracy theories. Ted Cruz is the final authority while Rubio breathes a sigh of relief the spotlight hasn’t been focused on him – except by those of us who demand the U.S. Constitution be upheld…….
    by Devvy Kidd

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