Cruz: Liberal Supreme Court Would Tear Down Veterans’ Memorials

THE HILL — Ted Cruz warned that America is just “one liberal justice away” from dismantling the First Amendment right to free expression of religion.

Telling “The Wilkow Majority” on SiriusXM that the next president could have the ability to appoint up to four Supreme Court justices, he painted a grim picture of his belief that a liberal majority in the Court would destroy significant protections afforded by the Constitution.

“We are one justice away from the Supreme Court ordering ten commandments monuments taken down at courthouses and city halls throughout this country,” he said.

“We are not far away from them ordering the chisels to come out to take off the crosses and the Stars of Davids on the tombstones of our fallen soldiers.”

He also said a liberal majority of justices would order “veterans’ memorials to be torn down over this country,” give up America’s national “sovereignty to the United Nations and the World Court,” and nix the Second Amendment right to bear arms, as well as push a liberal agenda on abortion.

“We are one justice away from the Supreme Court striking down every restriction on abortion and mandating unlimited abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth, partial birth with taxpayer funding and no notification,” Cruz said.

“This issue is huge in the next election.”

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders regularly frame possible vacancies on the Court as reasons why the 2016 election is so important. The pair have said any justice they appoint will be against the Citizens United decision that paved the way for uncapped donations to super-PACs.

Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the oldest justice at almost 83 years old and has suffered from health problems, but she’s repeatedly tamped down rumors of a pending retirement.

Conservative justice Antonin Scalia is approaching 80, as is Anthony Kennedy, who typically serves as a swing vote. The next oldest justice is Clarence Thomas, the 67-year-old conservative.

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One thought on “Cruz: Liberal Supreme Court Would Tear Down Veterans’ Memorials

  1. Ted Cruz I do not trust for many reasons. He sent out lies about Ben Carson in Iowa and stole Carson’s votes.
    Voter Fraud? Thank Howard Baker
    There is ample proof that twelve Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents. This is also the case in many counties in Ohio. Across the country, there are at least 160 counties spread over nineteen states that have more registered voters than residents…….
    by Kelleigh Nelson

    Conservative Tree House tells what Ted Cruz is now doing in South Carolina. One of their readers sent in this information:

    “I live in SC, and I received a call from TPC Polling – a push poll against Trump.

    The last two questions came after I identified Trump as my candidate. They (recording) asked something about how Trump wanted to work with Putin, and “was that a good idea”?

    Then they asked the slanderous question, saying that Trump wants to close veteran-owned small businesses because they made the neighborhood look bad, and does that make me very angry, a little angry, or not angry at all.

    After that, the call disconnected.

    It would appear Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is picking up in South Carolina right where his campaign left off in Iowa – same tactics.

    Kellyanne Conway has claimed the TPC Polling was not her organization, and she’s right. Conservative Tree House has stated that it is not Kellyanne Conway’s organization. Her organization was not responsible for this push poll. There is another organization called Target Point Consulting, but we’re not sure they were the push poll organization either. Our apologies to Kellyanne’s organization.

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