One More Reason Not to Live in Canada

Note from OOV: This comment is NOT about homosexuality but the lack of basic human rights and personal freedom to dispose of your wordily wealth in ANY manner one may see fit.

At what point did Canada go over to a dictatorship?

When did the Canadian people give up their right to private ownership of personal property to the government?

I used to think Canada was a fairly enlightened 1st World country (except for the repressive gun laws), but no more.

With the move to embed Muslim Sharia law into our own American legal cannons we must stay vigilant not to allow even the slightest usurpation of our cherished rights and liberties.

Let Canada serve as an example of what happens when people no longer control their government!

JUDGE STRIKES DOWN SCHOLARSHIP FOR STRAIGHT, WHITE MEN — DAILY CALLER A Canadian judge has struck down a recently deceased doctor’s plan to create a scholarship for heterosexual white men on the grounds it is “contrary to public policy.”

Radiologist Victor Priebe died on New Year’s Day 2015, and included a provision in his will to establish a scholarship with an unusual stipulation. The provision requests the Royal Trust Corporation of Canada, his trustee, to establish a scholarship fund targeted at single, straight, white men who intend to study science. The scholarship also requests the recipient not play collegiate sports and that they not show an aversion to manual labor.

Priebe’s will also sought to create a similar scholarship a single woman who “is not a feminist or a lesbian.”

But Priebe’s will has now been struck down in court by a judge who says it is too offensive to take effect.

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