Wounded Warrior Project’s Top Execs Fired Amid Lavish Spending Scandal

NOTE From OOV: In November, 2013 the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) sued an Indiana vet they alleged defamed their organization with claims of financial misconduct. The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reported Hoosier veteran Dean Graham saying:

“WWP is a fraud … that needs to be investigated immediately,” Graham wrote in an undated post on his website, according to the lawsuit, which also claimed Graham said the organization has “an army of lawyers on staff to punish all those who try to expose [it].”

[…] Graham also compiled e-mails accusing the Wounded Warrior Project of fraudulent behavior, court documents say, and sent them out to state and federal government entities as well as media outlets such as Fox News, CNN and the Bob & Tom Show.

Graham’s allegations also appeared on several conservative media blogs, including Western Journalism and Coach is Right.

Graham said despite the official court filing he is standing by his claims. After the complaint was filed, Graham posted a notice on his website asking supporters to send money to a “legal fund’ for what he called the “fight of the century.”

Graham says the Wounded Warrior Project is a “for-profit” institution despite its nonprofit status and pays what he feels is too much money to its administrators while ignoring the needs of veterans. He backed up his claims by posting IRS Form 990s for the Wounded Warrior Project from previous years and said he had talked to several veterans that claimed to have been wronged by the program. […]

My personal beef with WWP is that they fail to make clear that they ONLY help vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Vietnam, Korean and WWII vets need not apply for assistance from WWP.

I also took issue with WWP’s refusal to accept donations from a Christian church and school in Florida who said they were devastated after WWP refused to accept their fund raising effort because it was “religious in nature.”

WWP is also anti-gun. Leslie Coleman, the director of public relations for the WWP is quoted in an email exchange saying: “WWP does not co-brand, create cause marketing campaigns or receive a percentage or a portion of proceeds from companies in which the product or message is sexual, political or religious in nature, or from alcohol or firearms companies.”

If you want to see who else WWP has taken legal action against to shut up complaints about misconduct CLICK HERE.

I’m sure WWP has helped a lot of veterans who have been ignored by the VA, but it’s long been obvious that this organization needs accountability to outside oversight.

I wonder if WWP will compensate Hoosier veteran Dean Graham for the monies and time he spent exposing them now that WWP has admitted Graham and others were right in questioning WWP’s financial practices.

The two top executives of the Wounded Warrior Project — among the largest veterans charities in the country — were fired Thursday after an investigation into accusations of lavish spending on parties, hotel and travel, CBS News reported.

Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO, Steven Nardizzi, and COO, Al Giordano, were fired by the charity’s board amid criticisms about how it spends more than $800 million raised in donations in the past four years, CBS News reported.

The charity’s board of directors made their decision after a meeting in New York City, where they received preliminary results of a financial and policy audit, sources told CBS News.

The charity came under fire after an earlier CBS News investigation in January revealed large amounts of spending on administration, meetings, and travel.

Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette, who returned from Iraq in 2006 with a bronze star and a purple heart, told CBS News at the time he admired the charity’s work and took a job with the group in 2014 but quit after two years.

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